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Pardosa sierra Banks, 1898

Rank: Species | Status: accepted | Described: m f | LSID: []
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Distribution: Mexico

Taxonomic references
Pardosa sierra Banks, 1898b: 274, pl. 16, f. 20 (Dmf).
Pardosa sierra Barnes, 1959: 14, f. 34-41 (mf, S, rejected).
Pardosa sierra Vogel, 2004: 72, f. 32, 38 (mf).
Pardosa sierra Correa-Ramírez, Jiménez & García-De León, 2010: 541, f. 2A-C, 5A-C (mf).

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Correa-Ramírez, M. M., Jiménez, M. L. & García-De León, F. J. (2010). Testing species boundaries in Pardosa sierra (Araneae: Lycosidae) using female morphology and COI mtDNA. Journal of Arachnology 38: 538-554. download pdf -- Show included taxa

Vogel, B. R. (2004). A review of the spider genera Pardosa and Acantholycosa (Araneae, Lycosidae) of the 48 contiguous United States. Journal of Arachnology 32: 55-108. download pdf -- Show included taxa

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