Included taxa

Lehtinen, P. T. (2004). Taxonomic notes on the Misumenini (Araneae: Thomisidae: Thomisinae), primarily from the Palaearctic and Oriental regions. In: Logunov, D. V. & D. Penney (eds.) European Arachnology 2003 (Proceedings of the 21st European Colloquium of Arachnology, St.-Petersburg, 4-9 August 2003). Arthropoda Selecta, Special Issue 1, 147-184. download pdf

Valid taxa Family Page / figures published as
Angaeus pentagonalis Thomisidae 178 (S) Angaeus pentagonalis
Ansiea buettikeri Thomisidae 157 (Tmf from Misumena) Ansiea buettikeri
Ansiea tuckeri Thomisidae 157, f. 22, 56, 80 (Tmf from Misumena) Ansiea tuckeri
Cyriogonus rutenbergi Thomisidae 159 (rejected Roewer's generic placement) Cyriogonus rutenbergi
Cyriogonus vinsoni Thomisidae 159 (rejected Roewer's generic placement) Cyriogonus vinsoni
Demogenes andamanensis Thomisidae 180 (Tj from Misumenops) Demogenes andamanensis
Diaea dorsata Thomisidae 152, f. 1, 51 (m) Diaea dorsata
Ebelingia hubeiensis Thomisidae 161 (Tmf from Misumenops) Ebelingia hubeiensis
Ebelingia kumadai Thomisidae 159, f. 79 (Tmf from Mecaphesa) Ebelingia kumadai
Ebrechtella concinna Thomisidae 164, f. 11, 42-45, 73 (Tm from Diaea, Sf) Ebrechtella concinna
Ebrechtella forcipata Thomisidae 165 (Tm from Misumenops) Ebrechtella forcipata
Ebrechtella hongkong Thomisidae 165 (Tm from Misumenops) Ebrechtella hongkong
Ebrechtella margaritacea Thomisidae 165 (Tmf from Synema) Ebrechtella margaritacea
Ebrechtella pseudovatia Thomisidae 165 (Tmf from Misumenops) Ebrechtella pseudovatia
Ebrechtella sufflava Thomisidae 164 (Tm from Diaea, Sf) Ebrechtella sufflava
Ebrechtella timida Thomisidae 165 (Tmf from Misumena) Ebrechtella timida
Ebrechtella tricuspidata Thomisidae 165, f. 30-31, 74 (Tmf from Misumenops) Ebrechtella tricuspidata
Ebrechtella xinjiangensis Thomisidae 165 (Tmf from Misumenops) Ebrechtella xinjiangensis
Ebrechtella xinjie Thomisidae 164 (Tm from Misumenops, may be a junior S of E. concinna) Ebrechtella xinjie
Henriksenia hilaris Thomisidae 166, f. 33, 52 (Tf from Diaea, Sm) Henriksenia hilaris
Henriksenia thienemanni Thomisidae 167, f. 19 (Tf from Misumenops) Henriksenia thienemanni
Heriaeus horridus Thomisidae 179 (S) Heriaeus horridus
Ledouxia alluaudi Thomisidae 168, f. 59, 69, 82 (Tmf from Misumena) Ledouxia alluaudi
Loxobates ephippiatus Thomisidae 155, f. 36-37, 72 (f. m) Loxobates ephippiatus
Loxoporetes colcloughi Thomisidae 168 (Tf from Diaea) Loxoporetes colcloughi
Loxoporetes nouhuysii Thomisidae 168, f. 13, 53 (f) Loxoporetes nouhuysii
Massuria roonwali Thomisidae 175 (Tf from Pistius) Massuria roonwali
Massuria sreepanchamii Thomisidae 148, 175 (Tf from Pistius) Massuria sreepanchamii
Mastira bipunctata Thomisidae 169, f. 47, 58 (Tm from Epidius) Mastira bipunctata
Mastira bitaeniata Thomisidae 169 (Tf from Diaea) Mastira bitaeniata
Mastira cimicina Thomisidae 169, f. 71 (Tm from Diaea) Mastira cimicina
Mastira flavens Thomisidae 170, f. 34-35 (Tf from Diaea, f. m) Mastira flavens
Mastira menoka Thomisidae 170, f. 70 (Tm from Misumena) Mastira menoka
Mastira nicobarensis Thomisidae 170 (Tf from Misumena) Mastira nicobarensis
Mastira nitida Thomisidae 170, f. 71 (Tf from Diaea, S) Mastira nitida
Mecaphesa kanakana Thomisidae 170, f. 78, 84 (m) Mecaphesa vitellina
Misumena bicolor Thomisidae 171, f. 86-87 (m, S) Misumena bicolor
Misumena vatia Thomisidae 171, f. 3, 21, 85 (m) Misumena vatia
Misumenoides formosipes Thomisidae 173, f. 26, 77 (m) Misumenoides formosipes
Misumenops pallidus Thomisidae 173, f. 27-28, 76 (m) Misumenops pallidus
Misumenops pallidus Thomisidae 173, f. 5, 24-25, 75 (m, misidentified) Misumenops maculissparsus
Misumenops rapaensis Thomisidae 170, f. 10, 29 (m, considered misplaced) Misumenops rapaensis
Oxytate virens Thomisidae 155, f. 39 (m) Oxytate virens
Pasias luzonus Thomisidae 155, f. 40 (f. m) Pasias luzonus
Philodamia semicincta Thomisidae 181 (Tm from Misumena) Philodamia semicincta
Pistius truncatus Thomisidae 174, f. 65 (m) Pistius truncatus
Pistius undulatus Thomisidae 174, f. 49, 61 (mf) Pistius undulatus
Runcinia acuminata Thomisidae 175, f. 23, 55, 66 (mf) Runcinia acuminata
Runcinia insecta Thomisidae 175 (S) Runcinia affinis
Runcinia tarabayevi Thomisidae 175, f. 4, 46 (m) Runcinia tarabayevi
Thomisus onustus Thomisidae 150, f. 2, 41 (m) Thomisus onustus
Zygometis xanthogaster Thomisidae 176, f. 12 (S) Zygometis lactea